Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Bradford

Bradford also has some great recording and rehearsal studios.

Here at Guitar Lessons Bradford, we love to hear that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time.

We often get asked where is a good place to record an E.P so we have compiled a short list of the top recording studios in Bradford. So here we are, in no order...

Factory Street Studios

Factory Street Studios is a recording studio like no other. Opened in 2009, the studios have some amazing facilities including seven rehearsal rooms, a licensed party venue and most importantly state of the art recording equipment. The studio, rentable for £27 per hour boasts both analogue and pro tools digital recording equipment as well as an in-house sound engineer. Factory Street Studios' seven rehearsal rooms, all equipped with a PA system and vocal equipment, are rentable for £11.50 per hour - a great place to both rehearse and record make sure you check it out.

Peak Studio

Peak Studio has a great daily rate of £250 for studio time, perfect for recording your first EP. The facilities are first class with four seriously experience members of recording staff. Located at 18 East Parade, Little Germany, BD1 5EE this studio is well worth getting in contact with if you are interested in some recording time.

Voltage Studios

Voltage Studios is a great studio to go and rehearse at. Located at St Stephens Mill, Ripley Street, BD5 7JW, the six rehearsal rooms are equipped with a PA system as standard, with rentable guitar amps, drums and bass guitar amps. At £20 for a four-hour session Voltage studios are one of the cheapest around - great price! The recording is also available for £21 per studio hour which is great value for your first EP.

Prospect Studios

Prospect Studios is a professional recording studio & rehearsal facility located in Allerton, Bradford. Using a combination of vintage analogue processing with state of the art digital recording tools, Prospect Studios aim to create a broadcast quality recordings at very reasonable rates. The Studio is located on 222a Allerton Rd, Allerton, Bradford BD15 7AA.

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